Walk the floor...

Transitioning from a manufacturing job into a gaming leadership role, I was unsure what my hours should be. When I asked, my new boss told me “not to worry, I only had to be around when employees were working”. That was my introduction to a 24/7 workplace. I wasn’t sure exactly what he meant, but I suspected it had to do with employees needing to see and hear from the new HR guy early and often to make a trust connection going forward. Undaunted, and not having any preconceived notions, I made sure I regularly came in early before day shift so I could see the overnight (graveyard) workers, and on other days started late enough during the day shift to spend time with the second shift (swing) workers. And over a 25-year career there I got to know employees on every shift and stayed true to the admonition that I be there when they were. Most leaders have specific shift assignments but that doesn’t lessen the need for them to be seen and heard often at all times so that they too make a trust connection with their employees. And leaders who are usually office-bound need to make it a regular practice to “walk the floor” so that they too develop trusted relationships with their employees. That’s how to effectively get involved with and earn the trust of your employees today.


Brenda Neckvatal: HR consultant and veteran’s advocate


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