The best time to do what's right... is right now!

Here are more comments on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and his 1954 book about human behavior and motivation. It essentially said that people and, by extension, employees, need to feel secure before they can become comfortable enough to achieve their full potential. At work they have basic needs (like safety and security), and psychological needs (like being accepted and feeling like they’re useful and productive). These are the kinds of things that (1) don’t cost anything and (2) which managers should provide; they’re the kinds of things derived from caring and empathy supervision. If they’re in place, employees will be engaged, want to do more, and be of greater benefit to their colleagues and the company. If they’re not, in reality or perceived, employees will be dis-satisfied and seek higher compensation or look for others, like a union, to listen to and care about them.  After nearly 70 years, this psychological concept is embedded in the policies and practices of the most successful companies – because it’s the right thing to do. Business leaders should train their mid-level managers in the art of satisfying employee needs and expectations: talk to them regularly, listen to feedback from them and their employees, and promote a caring culture. That ultimately attracts and retains line-level employees, the ones that most companies today are trying hard to find. If it’s there – promote it; if it’s not, the right time to act is today.


Fulton J. Sheen (1895-1979): Archbishop of The Roman Catholic Church