Recognize and celebrate great work...

This past year has been full of amazing stories as the world battled Covid-19. About the extraordinary sacrifices made by communities, businesses and families; or about the development and distribution of multiple vaccines in record time; or about how businesses are now searching for and transitioning to a new post-pandemic normal; and so many more. In each, there’s a common theme of teams of regular men and women working incredibly hard to successfully bring about changes like retooling operations, adapting to remote work, adopting new Zoom-like technologies, changing management’s mindset, going from retaining top talent to furloughing or laying them off, starting over now with smaller or altogether new teams of employees, and so much more. The professionals running the companies I work with (and so many others) are working non-stop to bring their businesses back to life and finding that many of the changes they were forced to make then are now becoming permanent. One that sticks out is the change from a “leave your problems at the door” mindset to one where managers are encouraged to be more empathetic about how employees are dealing with all of these changes. When it’s all said and done, don’t overlook the sacrifice, grit, sleepless nights and long hours that have and will continue to make all of this possible. Recognize and celebrate the hard work that your people are doing today.


Krishna Ramanujan: Science Writer for the Cornell Chronicle, the university’s main news outlet 

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