Look for the answers...

"In the book of life's questions, the answers are not in the back." Charles Schulz


Life isn’t easy, even in the best of circumstances, which has not been in the last year. It throws lots of obstacles in our way that take all of our wits and commitment to overcome. There are parents, teachers, managers, coaches, mentors, friends and clergy that can offer insights; and there are classes and books and the internet in and on which to find information on how to get thru life. But there are no cliff-notes or crib sheets from which to find the answers. The good news is that with open eyes, common sense and a willingness to learn, most things can be found and taught and learned. But you have to want to learn. Whether it’s riding a bike, managing your checkbook, or doing your job – those things can be learned and, with practice, be perfected. But stuff like integrity, honesty, humility and such – those need a heart that cares and a will that wants; only then will those help you become who and what you want to be. There are lots of good and bad examples out there of the kind of person to be… you can easily see the ones you wish to choose and then try to be like them.  Don’t be too quick to judge and never give up, because continuous learning is forever. Keep your eyes open for the answers to life’s questions today.


Charles Schulz (1922 – 2000): American cartoonist and creator of the comic strip Peanuts.