Resolve to live...

Volume: C.02.03


Today’s quote can be all one resolution, or three separate ones. Your choice. Learn from yesterday: since last March the experts have been telling us to protect ourselves with masks, good hygiene and social distancing – that is still the best advice to take to heart and learn from. Live for today: we have to live every day like the precious gift it is – filed with family and friends and all the good things life has to offer. Hope for tomorrow: and we have to hope and pray for tomorrow and the continued good health of those we care about. As the new vaccines start to become available, we all need to focus us on what’s really important, beginning with life itself. This latest surge of Covid-19 cases is the result of people losing that focus and the discipline to hold out a little longer. People are worn out and just want this pandemic to be over with and to be able to go out and be with family and friends. Leaders, coaches and parents should step up their efforts to encourage those we love and are responsible for to keep doing what the experts advise. Do that and we can maintain some semblance of normal life; don’t and we face the prospect of more illnesses and deaths and continued restrictions. After all this time, it still comes down to that. Take the lessons from yesterday and use them to live and have hope today.


Albert Einstein (1879-1955): Theoretical Physicist, Philosopher, and Nobel Prize Winner