Now is the time to redouble our efforts...

Volume: C.02.04

Today starts year thirteen of these daily messages. They started as a request for pre-shift conversation starters about a client’s company values and turned into these Arte of Motivation messages. They were interrupted March 17 last year by the Covid-19 lockdown – since that started, I’ve written 249 messages about how it has affected work and leadership practices. Last March, I wouldn’t have thought it would last this long, but it has; so, from today forward, until this pandemic is over and we’re back to some kind of normal, I’ll number them sequentially to mark the days until it’s over. Today, then, is number C (for Covid) 02 (for this second year of writing about the virus’ impact on employees and their leaders) 02 (the second message this year). So, let me begin this year by saying that what this new year brings to all of us depends a great deal on what we bring to the new year. Meaning: I’m going to bring my perspective on how leaders can help their teams get through these unprecedented times; what I hope the readers of these messages bring is a willingness to think outside the box when it comes to working and supervising and motivating. We should never overlook the importance of empathy when leading others: these past 259 days have proven that to be so true. As we begin 2021, reach out to your employees and make sure they know you care about what they’re going through and need. Let them know you’re there for them today.


Vernon McLellan (1929 – 2003): Author and violinist