Tis the night before Christmas...

"It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving." Mother Teresa


Hanukkah and Christmas and Kwanzaa are bringing the holiday spirit to our Covid-weary world. We could see things as being bleak and hopeless like Scrooge or open our hearts and lift our spirits like happy celebrants – the choice is ours so let’s feel good about all that we have and love. Every year at this time I am filled with great memories: of my childhood neighbors who made and gave out beautiful boxes of colorful ribbon candy to everyone in the neighborhood on Christmas morning; of the tree we always decorated on Christmas morning because it was also my orthodox Jewish father’s birthday; of visiting my wife’s oldest sister who had 13 kids (his, hers and theirs) and watching our daughter’s eyes grow as big as the ornaments on their huge tree when she saw all the presents that were under it; or how the streetlights looked all decorated and twinkling in the snow that often fell during the holidays of my youth. Holidays are about remembering and celebrating the little traditions that make life so wonderful, even more so in this crazy pandemic year. And about how much love we put into giving.  As you celebrate this year, remember that life itself is a celebration… so, count your blessings today!


Mother Mary Teresa Bojaxhiu (1910 – 1997): Albanian-Indian Roman Catholic nun and missionary who founded the Missionaries of Charity