Let the holiday spirit be your guide...

ast week and this are what my father used to call “short weeks”: four-day school and work weeks shortened by one of our national holidays. A week with a day-off, or maybe a long weekend, to celebrate and do something special. Traditionally, none was more exciting than the New Year’s week, the time when people began to reflect on the year drawing to a close and think and plan and make resolutions for the new one ahead. Normally we would have been excited about doing that for 2021, but 2020 has dampened this year’s celebration, almost to the point of overlooking the wonders and opportunities the new year might bring.  But as is often the case, if you reflect on and follow what you’re passionate about it will guide you to your destination. For my family, we are passionate about staying healthy and safe so that we can enjoy all that will be when we are able to return to some kind of normal. For me, I am passionate about writing these daily messages and looking forward to my thirteenth year at this. And most people I know are passionately resolving to redouble connections with colleagues and friends as soon as these new vaccines make it safe and possible.  Even as this pandemic continues to surge, all last week I heard from friends wishing me a Happy and Healthy Holiday – some things never change. So, whatever you’re passionate about, I hope that the coming year allows you to find your dreams and destinations. Enjoy the start of your shortened holiday week today


Diane Sawyer (born 1945): American television broadcast journalist