Make sure your work is your bond...

More on my online purchasing habits: the antiques I referred to in yesterday’s message were clocks that I found from a nearly endless variety on eBay. A few years ago, I got an urge to acquire some old regulator clocks and cuckoo clocks made in the 1880s before Edison brought electricity into the home: I thought it would be cool to wind or pull their chains every day.  Nobody I talked to had bought any this way – they all said to go to reputable dealers where you could see the merchandise first-hand. Through research, some back and forth emails, and with the option of free returns, purchasing online seemed to be as risk free as doing so in a brick and mortar antique shop. The sellers seemed honest and I found that their words and deeds had not parted company. In the old days (when these clocks were made), people gave their word and it meant something; it turned out to be the same with these transactions and that’s still the best way to be successful in anything you do.  Make sure others can trust your word today.

PS: I was mistaken: winding clocks every day is more work than cool.

Johanna "Hannah" Arendt (1906 – 1975): German/American author, philosopher and political theorist