Build relationships...

egional casinos are everywhere and the competition for customers is fierce: a friend who is a GM at one of them was faced with declining revenues and was tasked with turning things around. It was clear he had two choices: increase the top line or reduce the bottom one. Most companies are managed fairly well, meaning that cutting expenses further is difficult: the obvious low hanging fruit was addressed already; he quickly realized the value of his other better option: raising revenues. Marketing helps, but he understood the importance of matching any new hype with renewed and reinvigorated customer service and satisfaction: the kind that builds loyalty and serves as the glue that makes relationships last a lifetime. That strategy, like most, was easier said than done. The PLAN: set the vision, answer employee questions and address their concerns, devise new tactics and train employees how and why to use them, give lots of feedback (from him and the customer), and catch them doing it right: this disciplined approach is paying off – his employees are happy and engaged, and the customer count and loyalty is way up. Try some of that glue today.

Mario Puzo (1920-1999): American Author, Screenwriter and Journalist.