Wows matter

Most businesses have employees who inspire you to talk about your experience there: both good and bad. The bad experiences are more often shared – just look at what’s posted on social media. We’ve all had one or more of those kinds of experiences and, while leaving a bad taste, usually don’t get in the way of our returning to the stores we have to frequent: like grocery stores and other mass marketers. But what about restaurants, bars, movie theaters and others that vie for our discretionary dollars: they all fight for the same customers so you’d think management at those places would be more alert to what’s going on. Forget about them… focus on your ‘store’: are you aware, connected, engaged and in-the-moment? The way to get and keep loyal customers is to give them something that wows them and gives them a positive story they are moved to share with others. Pay attention and make your employees give the kind of service that makes good stories happen.  That’s the best way to a customer’s heart and loyalty today.

Valeria Maltoni: American writer, speaker and business advisor