Be an optimist....

“There are always flowers for those who want to see them.”Henri Matisse

Is the glass half full or half empty is a rhetorical question about whether something or someone is optimistic or pessimistic. But that supposes that it’s an either/or proposition: not surprisingly, it doesn’t have to be that way.  You can live your life looking only for the positive things and be quite content. You see a police car: that probably means there are officers out there concerned about your safety (as opposed to the knee-jerk reaction to look at your speedometer).  You see some kids playing computer games: that might mean you’re looking at a future Steve Jobs (as opposed to worrying they won’t develop appropriate social skills). Someone asks your name: that most likely means they’re interested in who and what you are (as opposed to what you might owe them). We worry about the worst of any possible scenario rather that see the positive opportunities they might offer: the first is human nature and the latter is an optimistic view of things. Be the kind of person that wants to see the flowers today.

Henri Matisse (1869 – 1954): French artist, draughtsman, printmaker, and sculptor, but is known primarily as a painter