Most managers worry about hiring when in fact they should be more concerned about managing. The key to hiring is not finding the absolute best person for the job but selecting the best one that applied. Then, as many will tell you, it’s what you as a manager do after hiring someone that makes all the difference. Like making sure they get all the training they need to have the tools to be successful; actively coaching them throughout their tenure to make sure their skills remain sharp and relevant; providing continuous feedback about and recognition of their performance; challenging them to be their best every day, and letting them know you continue to care about their success. Everyone wants to part of something larger than themselves: sports teams and work groups can provide that. A good manager – in sports or business – has the unique responsibility to make create that kind of environment where people play or work together effectively. Get your team to play well together today

"Casey" Stengel (1890 – 1975): American Major League Baseball right fielder, and manager of both the New York Yankees and the Mets

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