Learn life's lessons....

Last night’s Super Bowl was a good game, irrespective of who you were rooting for. As sometimes happens, last year’s loser becomes this year’s champion: that’s certainly the case for the New England Patriots. Losses in the big game can often have a big impact, but the Patriots let last year’s results motivate them to re-double their efforts for this year’s campaign. Tom Brady talked about that when receiving this year’s trophy: about battling back and reaching the winner’s podium again, for the 6thtime.  We all bask in the results of our favorite team’s results and the lessons they learn and exhibit. Battling back from any setback is hard: that’s why humility in accepting what happens is so important. Take your wins and pride in the moment they happen and move on; but keep the lessons learned from your losses forever. That’s how to put the ups and downs of life into perspective today.

Anthony Liccione is from Upstate New York and has been writing poetry 
for over ten years