If you see something, say something....

The five most important words a leader can speak are - 'I am proud of you'
The four most important are - 'What is your opinion?'
The three most important are - 'If you please'
The two most important are - 'Thank You'
And the most important single word of all is - 'You’       Denis Waitley

Think about what motivates you: it’s often someone paying attention to you, recognizing your efforts, and letting you know they care. Remember how you felt when someone said ‘thank you’ or ‘good job’: things like that make hard work worthwhile. My buddy who is CEO of a gaming company in Canada regularly walks the floor and talks to his employees: he knows their names and makes sure his comments are about them, the work they do, and the things that are important to them. That kind of focus and attention makes an impact: it manifests itself in their demeanor and work. Great leaders make it all about the people they’re leading. Let your employees know you’re proud of them today.

Denis E. Waitley (b. 1933): American motivational speaker, writer and consultant